Grandmother TIPS

Remove the tracks of water on a polished piece of furniture.
Rub your piece of furniture with a cork.
For a darker wooden piece of furniture, burn slightly the cork before rubbing.
Finally, polish to protect the part damaged by the tracks of water.

Clean the white leather.
To maintain shoes (or a bag) of white leather, apply to the surface to clean some body milk, by means of a cotton. Then air, then wipe with a soft linen.

Give a longer life to candles.
Before using your candles, place beforehand in your freezer, last them of life once light can surprise you. Some grains of salt put around the drill will have the same effect.

Make leave a bad smell inside a furniture.
To arrive at end, it is necessary to boil a bowl of milk and to put the latter in the piece of furniture then to close doors until the milk is cold and the smells will have disappeared.

Clean and polish some marble.
When we have a top of chest of drawers or marble table, we can easily clean it and polish it at the same time.
It is necessary to mix some “blanc d’Espagne” (traditional whiting), with a little of Domestic alcohol and to spend the product on the surface. It is necessary to wipe then with a clean linen.

Clean brass instruments.
Clean your brass instruments with the washing(washing powder) of soda, pure or diluted, by keeping the proportion of half a glass by liter of water.
You can also maintain them with a mixture of flour, salt and vinegar: apply this dough to your brass instruments, and let rest approximately one hour.
Rinse and make shine.


Have a brilliant silverware.
To have a brilliant silverware, we are going to be able to use a remedy very effective house and little expensive.
It is necessary to mix a little toothpaste in some soft soap in some warm water and to dip flatware and objects inside hanging a few minutes may wipe with a clean linen.

Clear a wooden piece of furniture.

When we want to clear a wooden piece of furniture to polish it then, it is necessary to rub it at first with a sponge soaked with bleach. Let it to dry may spend some hydrogen peroxide over. More the volume will be strong and  more the piece of furniture will clear up. It is then enough to let dry and to polish.

Clean the brass natural way to clean brass naturally.

Mix one pound of coarse salt with white vinegar to a smooth paste. Let stand three hours and spend the dough on the brass with a small brush. Make circular movements and rinse with water.


Make a paste wood house.

Take enough sawdust to which you add wood glue. Stir the mixture into a suitable container, then add a little a little bit of silicone. Mix again: you get a wood pulp as effective as we can find from a store but for much less expensive.

Revive the color of the wood.

When wood is etched in general, it loses its color and it is a pity if you do not want the stain. To revive the color of the wood strip must soak a sponge with vinegar and hot pass on the wood. Leave to dry naturally.

Wash a very dirty glass carafe.

When a pitcher gets very dirty or a glass vase also very dirty, you can bring them back. We must crush an egg shell into the coffee and salt. Adding white vinegar and put the inside. Soak, agitate and rinse.

Have good smells in your home.

The most efficient way is to boil water a few minutes and you add vinegar (1/2 tbsp. Per liter).

You can also broil in the oven orange peel and lemon.

Another method is to pour on the a lighted electric bulbs, few drops of lemon essential oil or lavender. It purifies the air.

You can also place in various parts of the house handkerchiefs soaked pine oil. Pour a few drops of your cologne in the humidifier water. This will give a fresh smell in the house.

To eliminate odors from the refrigerator, soak a towel in vanilla and drop to the bottom of a shelf.

You can also soak cotton balls of essential oil and place them behind radiators. When the heating will work, the rooms will smell good.

To make look younger a leather jacket, Pour on a white cloth some drops of glycerin and soak the jacket with it. Rub it then by means of a woolen cloth.

Tags of prices stickers stuck on objects withdraw more easily if we rub them slowly with some vegetable oil.

If your zip is difficult to activate, coat with lead of pencil, or with a little paraffin wax there. It will slide as a charm.

To clean of the ivory: some soapy water, some milk and a cloth of pure silk.

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