Monsieur And Madame De Clergerec Oil Paintings.



 Barbizon School Painting.


Four Trees French Painting.


Antique Saint Dominic Statue.


Jésus, Pons Pilate and the crowd Painting from France.


Angel Chromo Lithograph XIXth century.



Religious Sculpture of the Virgin Mary.



Statue of Fertility Infant.


Allegorical engraving of the summer.


Print, Allegory of summer.



Hunter with Boar Sculpture.



Collector’s Original XVIIIth century Playing Card Queen of Heart.



Bronze Sculpture from Paris signed E. Fremiet.


Lady Painted Portrait from Austria.



 Eugène DAMBLANS Painting.



Print, Engraving from Lorraine.



Eugène DAMBLANS Painting.



“Le Départ” French Boat Painting XIXth century.



Boat Painting by Lelièvre.



Marine Oil Painting by Calais.



Print “Down from the Cross by “Jean-Louis Delignon”.



Painting of Riono, “Homme debout sur la berge”.



Ink Drawing of a french Church on Canvas.



Landscape Painting of Provence.


Painting, Impressionism style.



French Landscape Oil Painting.



French Religious Sculpture from XVIIIth century.



“Reader Asleep” Oil Painting.



Autumn Landscape, french paintings.



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